Dynamic NavBar / active links

Hey all. Happy Friday!

I’m trying to create my own nav bar.
I’m trying to do things well and use the same instance on the pages that needs the navbar (not all)

I think I am happy with the look of it (that something already)

To create that I use elements in a list i made:

I found out that you had to bind not the name but the ID to make a link.

So maybe this will save you some time to you if you’re doing the same.
And now, my problem. There’s a state active link that I would like to use very much.

So now my links are supposed to be yellow when active.
But there’s no logic to bind… and it doesn’t seem to work out of the box.
Do any of you use this default state? Am I missing something? Or should I create my custom Active state ?

Thanks for your time.

yep ID not link, and I have added logic to button state: Active if CurrentPageID = ButtonPageId

you need to add new state and call it any name , like “Active” which is custom

hope this helps:

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The active link state should work, but keep in mind than state behave a bit differently in edit mode for UX reason.
If you go to preview mode, you should see your active link state :slight_smile:

Many thanks @Anna.fae. The custom state was my backup solution. :slight_smile:
@aurelie The “official” Active state doesn’t seem to work properly. @Mael is taking a look at that today I think !

Strange we fixed and tested it two weeks ago, should have been pushed with the release previous week.

I’m building a fresh version and I’ll screenshot the display in stage in a second.

@aurelie You’re right. It seems OK in the staged version. Thanks a lot.

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