Dynamic collection doesn't update when fetched

Hi all :wave:

I am experiencing an issue where there is a minor lag in updating a dynamic collection. I need to update the collection at a specific point in a workflow, so the lag is resulting in incorrect functionality.

I recorded a video to demonstrate:

You will notice that:

  1. In Weweb, the collection has data in the first row, but the 2nd row is mostly empty
  2. When I call the API directly from the browser, the same is true
  3. I then go off screen to begin the workflow, where data is added to row 2
  4. When I refresh the browser window that calls the API directly, data is being populated in row 2
  5. When I quickly switch over to WeWeb and fetch the API again, row 2 is still mostly empty
  6. When I re-fetch in WeWeb again the data in row 2 is populated

Point 5 is the problem - why is the data in WeWeb not updated when the API call is?

I’m experimenting with adding a time delay in the workflow, but this is obviously not an optimal solution. Even adding 2.5 seconds hasn’t reliably worked…

Any ideas?