Download csv file using xano endpoint

Hi Folks,

I have a simple user table where I want to enable an Administrator to ‘download all’ company users to a csv file.

For context, the xano endpoint requires authentication, role based preconditions, and is returning the data correctly.

Naively, I thought it would trigger the automatic download of the file. But it doesn’t.

What do I need to put as the second action in my workflow?

Appreciate the help.

Hi @MichaelLovell :wave:

From what I understand, Xano is returning the data you’re interested in the first action. You could then use the Download CSV action in your workflow to download that data in a CSV format.

Thanks @Joyce

I had originally been following the xano tutorial ‘Generating csv files’ from 4:40min here

and returning the csv formatted data (which then didn’t work with the Download CSV action)

Not sure what the differences/benefits of the different methods are, but I changed the endpoint back to standard response (rather than csv formatted) and added the Download CSV action which works fine.

Thanks for your help.