DocuSign Connection

Has any one tried connecting WeWeb to DocuSign? New to development in general, and was trying to get WeWeb to post to DocuSign. Any documentation people found helpful even in general would be helpful!

I never tried it, but for what I’ve seen it will be either super easy if you are just using the REST API or super complexe if you need to import the SDK with node.js. I think the REST API should be just what you need for front-end, but I might be wrong. In order to use it, just use wewb’s REST API plugin, really easy to use, just fill the blank and you are good to go. If one day you need the SDK aswell, you will need to dig in weweb’s custom component, as using external tool seem pretty hard with weweb.
You could also make a request for DocuSign plugin to the weweb team, it might go to the roadmap on day :slight_smile:

Most of what you said makes some sense :slight_smile: What I’m trying to do is pass information from WeWeb/Xano to DocuSign to fill out a PDF document. I’m not sure which one of the options you describe would do that. I will still Google it but any knowledge would be helpful!

It looks like all you’ll need will be the REST API service, specifically the powerform part of it. Have fun reading the documentation :stuck_out_tongue:

Cool! Thanks for pointing me in the right direction!