Display data from related record in table


I am currently testing “weweb”. Unfortunately I can’t get it to show me related data in a table. I tried the lookup function, but somehow it doesn’t work with that either, or I’m doing something wrong.


I want to create a table from my collection “Contract”. In one column the corresponding “insurer name” should be displayed. The collection “Contract” contains the field “insurer id” to create the relation to the collection “Insurer” which contains the field “insurer name”.

How do I get the insurer name of the related record displayed in my table?

Hi @Sebastian,

You need to create two Collections in WeWeb. One with the contracts, and one with the insurers.

Then, if you’re working with the “Contract” collection on one page, you will be able to lookup the “Insurer” collection as well.

In the example here, we have a collection with a list of tickets in our public roadmap:

and a collection with a list of tags like “New feature”, “Bug”, etc.

This enables us to lookup the list of tags of a specific item in the list of tickets.

Does that help?

If not, feel free to share a link to your project and/or record a short loom to walk us through what your project.