Display data from api call

hello! we are building a small project where a user enters a URL into an input box on the page. Once they hit “return” the app makes a GET request from another API and fetches some data. I have figured out how to then store that data to Airtable (although I am not sure it’s necessary)

what I am trying to do is display the data fetched in the API request (just a single text block) under the search bar. I don’t really even need to store the data I just want to display to results of the API request to the user. also, the results text box would only display once the user initiates the search. thanks!

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This tutorial is exactly what you want: How to use the search with a REST API in WeWeb - YouTube

You’re right, you can probably skip the step where you are adding the rest api call results to airtable. You can just display those right on your page in WeWeb by binding the results of your Rest API call to some display elements.


great, thank you this will be very helpful!

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