Design: From desktop, to mobile design


I have made decent progress on my project in the past 2 months and although it does not look as good as I wish, at least navigation on the desktop starts to become possible.

I face display issues going from laptop to mobile.

Would you have any advice ?


Here is the display issue I have on many of my pages
Laptop view which is fine

Mobile view, where everything is upside down, on top of each other, cut in sizes etc.

Would you know what I do wrong ?
Thank you

I advise you to move from the Columns element to a div with ‘Grid’ display option and then you can easily change the direction to column on tablet and mobile

Hi Luka,

Thanks for the advice which I applied. I changed the grid direction but still got an overlap. Did I do something wrong?

You need to edit the parent block as well, that one is good

Thank you, I just did.
Two small things remain (sorry…) Seems the main flexbox still are too large even when playing with padding and margins. Also, chart sizing options do not affect their sizes, regardless of the option selected.