DataGrid -> Select/Unselect All - Possible?

Is it possible augment the datagrid control to add a select/unselect all?
You can add a click action/workflow to the header space above the checkbox column, but I don’t see the ability to loop through all of the items in the datagrid which are not selected, that just does not seem to exists.
Aside from getting the array of items, then I’d need to change the state of ‘checked’.
Can this be done right now, or is this a feature request?

You are lucky, this is one of the feature which will be pushed with the next datagrid release :slight_smile:
This is currently under QA on our side (dev is done) so this should be there soon :slight_smile:


@peteletkemansst this has been released :slight_smile:

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Glad to hear such nice feature! thanks to aurelie.