Creating a Workflow around a Radio Button

I’m trying to create a workflow where an error, text or modal shows up on click of a specific option on a radio button. I can’t seem to make it work because if I select just the option I want the error to show up on it adds the workflow to each option.

If I select the entire radio button and put a pass through condition to a true/false to change the variable to show the modal it only reads “on click” so as soon as any radio button is clicked it shows the modal and stops. I’m not sure where I’m going wrong, maybe have some order set up incorrectly.


Have you tried to show the modal only when the value of the radio element is equal to the value of the specific option?

Thanks! I did try that, but being new to coding I’m not sure if it’s a limitation of the live nature of what I was looking to do or a limitation of the software… I tried a couple options one on a button once the user clicks next (most stable) and one on click of the option, the on click of the option would frequently be problematic, where the modal would show only when I double clicked the option, and then when I closed the modal and clicked another option that shouldn’t trigger the modal, it triggers instantly, then close the modal, click another option it woudln’t do it then click the option to trigger modal, would only do it when I double clicked the option. I’ll post a video if that would help…

I am saying something different.
If you want to show an modal every time a specific option is selected in a radio input, instead of changing the variable in a workflow, as you tried, try to bind the visibility of the modal to the value of the radio input. (eg. radio value == option2)
This way the popup is disolayed every time that value is selected. You can add more logic if you need.

I tried that this time , but ended up with the same result. See the video, 2022-09-13_16-03-31.mp4. It kind of glitches when I click option 2 and i have to double click it to make the message show. Not sure whats going on, but seems inconsistent. Thanks for helping me figure this out!

you are still changing the variable in a workflow triggered by a click event.

My suggestion was to not use any workflow at all.
Bind the display property of the modal to the formula comparing the radio value.

Ahhhh, now I understand what you mean. That makes so much sense. Thanks!

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