Create zip download file

Hi there,

I need to create a zip file from a bunch of pdf files for download. As far as I know my Xano Backend does not provide this feature so far.

Does somebody know a trick how to achieve this using WeWeb and JavaScript?

If you want to do this from weweb you need to fetch all your files, then use a library to create the actual zip and finally attach the logic for downloading the zip file to a button or start the download automatically.

You will need to play a bit with javascript actions or create a custom plugin that handles the logic and exposes a simple nocode action to use in weweb editor.

you are right. After some investigation I found this really good article about zipping multiple files in the frontend via JavaScript:

There are external libs like JSzip needed. Guess I have to build a weweb component to use external libraries?

You can play with javascript actions and html elements but a custom component/plugin it’s always better and makes your life easier when you develop/modify your app

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