Create custom audio player bind with collections


I was wondering how to integrate an audio player into Weweb that dynamically fetch records from a collection.

Considering this answer of how to integrate a map via a function I was wondering if I could do the same to pass a parameter but I’m not sure…
Then comes the question of styling the audio action buttons (play, pause, duration length bar…)

Can you help ? :slight_smile:

Hey @MaxenceP :wave:

Do you have any idea of the audio library you would like to use?

It’s not really a library more a simple HTML element like:

< audio controls

where I can bind the src with files of my collection and then design the element with my own CSS.

We don’t have this element in the toolkit, but I’ll add it in our roadmap asap!


Hey @MaxenceP :wave:

Simply use a custom HTML element, and use CONCATENATE or a JavaScript string interpolation to bind it as a source, like so :point_down:

Hope this helps!