Confused on how to display lookup fields from Airtable

I’ve had a look on 🧐 lookup & lookupArray but I’m still not able to get it to work.

Basically Airtable doesn’t support hosting of attachments so I have to use AWS S3 to generate a URL link and I’ve made sure it is public and is working as if I display the data from a standard URL field the image loads as expected. I should add this is the first time I’ve tried to display any data from a lookup field.

I have an images table which stores the image per record and this is linked to the products table. Is using the lookup array the right approach for this because I can’t seem to get it to work?

This is my formula but I can’t understand what is wrong and am still struggling on the problem. I’d appreciate any help!

Do you do the lookup on the id field? lookup uses the id field by default, which you can change by using a 3rd argument.

Thank you for the help once again, @Quentin
I was confused about the 3rd argument as you mentioned - because I don’t know how I would know what field I’m doing for the lookup.

This is how my airtable is set up

Actually, I’ve figured out where I’ve been going wrong I believe, but if it doesn’t work then I’d post an update here. Thanks for the help, anyways!