Change page itself

Hello community

I need to reload current page after updating it.
I’m trying to set action “Change page” for same page and this do not work for me. Page doesn’t reload. What am I doing wrong?

@George, what exactly do you mean by ‘after updating it’?
If you mean that you have updated a data source/collection then you don’t need to reload the page, just the collection. Here is a sample workflow that I’ve setup for a page
I do a rest call and then do a fetch collection.
As soon as the collection is updated the page shows the reflected updates.

I have two video players that users can switch between. Switch implementation based on visibility. If one of the players starts playing a video, and the user switches it to another, then the first one continues to play and download the video because it is simply hidden.
This is why I need to hard reload the page, not just the collections

How about changing the video source conditionally?
You can either have multiple video elements and sets the video url to an empty string to stop the downloading of the video, or you can have a single video element and swap the url on user interaction.

One of them Weweb player and the other is Vimeo. I can’t manipulate with URL

Weweb video player supports Vimeo as well, and you can bind the value of the url