Calendar events: on cell click - which time slot?

Hi @weweb-team

I just discovered that calendar has two different actions: on event click and 'on cell click`.

on event click is self explanatory.

Regarding on cell click, how do I get which cell is clicked. In the context of the calendar, ideally it gives us which time window is clicked. Can you please elaborate?

Just a quick feedback, lack of documentation for standard elements is really adding time to build than it should.

Have you tried to add a random action and see what data is available in the event?

@dorilama on cell click event, the {} datetime is empty regardless of where I click on the calendar. And so is the case with domEvent. Were you able to retrieve the datetime upon cell click?

That’s strange.

You have a date if you use event['cell']['date']. Try this one.

Apparently a datetime property does not exist in the event, but it’s visualised in the options tab.

@aurelie I think the problem is in this line ww-calendar/ww-config.js at 581dcd00ada5c6ed5a63d16040e7b1178a64d50d · weweb-assets/ww-calendar · GitHub