Analytics and Google Chart

How do you integrate with web analytics systems like Google Analytics? Also, can one display a Google Chart from data queried from an external Rest API?

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I guess you just need to copy/paste the Google Analytics script into the of your project. You have to click on the settings menu item at the top, then click on custom code and there you can insert the GA script.

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That’s right, well done @jayjay :raised_hands:

Hi @Kevian, at the moment, you can do this with the Chart.js plugin:

It’s not the most intuitive plugin so you might want to spend a bit of time reading the doc to figure out what kind of input it’s expecting:

If you start a new project with the “Dashboard” template, you’ll be able to reverse-engineer how we displayed the data in there:

If you get stuck, don’t hesitate to reach out again!