Am I able to create a plugin which requires the router and app instance?

I am trying to use Sentry - Vue.js docs here - Vue | Sentry Documentation

I don’t think it will be possible because of these two lines


Any guidance on supporting Sentry will be great, thanks.

Have you tried following the vanilla javascript guide?

You should be able to create a plugin that configures the SDK onLoad, plus you can create actions to use in workflow to capture errors.

If you don’t want to create a plugin you can include the sdk with a script from the cdn and configure it with a javascript action in a workflow.

I got it working with Vanilla JS.

import * as Sentry from "@sentry/browser";
import { BrowserTracing } from "@sentry/tracing";

export default {
    mounted() {
        dsn: "",
        release: "my-project-name@2.3.12",
        integrations: [new BrowserTracing()],
        tracesSampleRate: 0.01

Is this ok?

I need some context. Are you writing a custom element? or a plugin? or is this in a javascript action?

You can always check that it’s working by triggering an exception (eg. call a non-existent function in a javascript action in a workflow)