Adding results on to the end of an array not working as intended

In the picture below you can see that it is returning 3 objects and I insert this at the end of the array but the only thing which gets added in the array is my 2nd picture, basically an empty collection item.


“Insert at end” expect a single object. Here you add a list?
Did I understand correctly what you are doing?

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Yes, you understood correctly. Essentially this is me adding my load more options (or page 2 from xano). What would be best to approach adding on to my array as a list?

Could you create a new array and every time and add that to the bottom or something?

you need to merge your arrays. currently you are a list of values to a list of values instead of appending a list of values to a list of values.

adding a list [a,b,c] to a list [1,2,3] outputs [1,2,3,[a,b,c]]
merging a. list [a,b,c] with another list [1,2,3] ouputs [1,2,3,a,b,c]

a long winded example

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