How to add additional row inputs and put them in a variable

I think many experienced coder know how to do it, but I have spent days without knowing how to do it right. Finally the support, Mael, has helped me complete the task.

Here is the Loom.

Next Step: How to create multiple record to store the variable array in xano… Has anyone achieved that?

Very cool!

So I understand correctly—are you referring to sending an API request to Xano to add multiple records at the same time?

One way to do this is to send the array to Xano and then do a for each loop, where for each item in the array you create a new record in Xano.

Have you tried this approach?

Hi I have found that Xano has a Bulk create function. I have succeeded to use the array to create multiple record in xano. weweb and xano is working perfectly. I have tried doing it in bubble(even just within bubble) and it was really painful.