Add ability to disable individual workflows and tasks

The recent addition of safe mode might be helpful, but I think WeWeb should add 2 features that would be even more useful: the ability to disable an individual workflow and the ability to disable a task within a workflow.

Bubble offers the ability to disable a workflow. Xano offers a similar ability to hide steps in its function stack.

Disabling individual workflows and tasks would offer more granular approach to debugging.

Hope that helps.


A pattern i am using is adding a filter condition as first action of a workflow, and just set the condition to false. Helpful to easily desactivate a workflow


Totally agree, I would love to just have a disable button on an individual item in a workflow, or to just turn the entire workflow off through a binary option. Have wasted countless hours around this.

Thanks for the quick reaction. That works for workflows and is just a little less convenient than a toggle in the UI. I think for many users, a toggle in the UI would be easier to understand.

I’m not aware of a similar approach for disabling tasks. Is there one?

If there isn’t a similar approach and you had to modify the UI to disable a task, consistency would suggest that using this same approach would be good for workflows.

I have logged this on our product backlog :slight_smile:

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Yes! I want this too :smile:

Added it to the public roadmap and logged your upvotes @wbmjr and @patopt!

If @aurelie is going to approve my ideas that quickly, I guess I will just have to come with more :slight_smile:

Thanks all for the fast review and action.

Thanks @Joyce Could we also add in Drag and Drop Reordering of Workflow items, easier than copy and paste :slight_smile:


Add my vote to drag and drop in workflows. There’s drag and drop in the editor. Does WeWeb want workflows to be the forgotten child forced to settle for second best? I don’t think so.


Sure thing. Passed it on to the tech team :slight_smile:

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