Xano Authentication filter query user's endpoint

Im stuck at the Xano authenthication, one of the steps in the docs isn’t clearly explained, sorry. Here’s the step I am stuck at, how to filter query of user endpoints at xano. Do I need to link all of my user’s data to their users id? and how to filter them exactly here? Then do I need

Yes, you’re right on. You will need to “link” records by entities that you want them linked by.

If you have user specific records, you will need to add the user Id to that record. If you have account specific records, you will need to add account Id to the record.

This is how you can then search and organize data for specific entities.

Xano is utilizing relational database design principles. A good primer on this is here:


As well, Xano has good introduction videos about designing a relational database from scratch.

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what you mean is make relations in the database correct? I understand that part but don’t exactly understand how to filter in the api section

Im so sorry, it turns out the you can click on the docs and go through the steps, that is very helpful. didn’t expect that

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Awesome! Post any questions if you get stuck in the docs.