Workflow Errors

Do we have access to throw errors in a workflow?

For example, I want to create a custom javascript in an Action inside of a workflow.

If that custom javascript fails, I’d like to throw an error and set the error message and error name to a custom value.

I’ve tried just setting the variable with Custom JS like this “ = ‘tester error name’”

But, that does not work to throw the error.

And, it only works once the variable has been defined in with another previous error.

Hey @kevinwasie ,
you can go on the Error tab inside your workflow


and here you have access to the error on the workflow tab


Sorry. I didn’t clarify … I want to throw an error and set the message. Not just read it.

I have custom JS in the workflow, and if there is an error in it, I want to throw an error so that WeWeb runs the OnError path.

Does that make sense?

In this case, inside your Javascript, just throw a custom error

throw new Error(“My message”)

You can run it once to have the binding appearing on the error workflow. Your message will be available on Current Error message property.

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