Why is there 3 collection item in collection list

I was wondering why was there 3 destinct collection items in the collection liste while only the first one is shown. What are the 2 other collection item container used for ? Even documentation mention that only the first child element will appear. I tried to find the answer in the github repo but couldn’t find the collection item.

Collection in navigator element tree (with 3 collection items, just dragged out of the element list) :


@stagiaire I do not know for sure but I think it’s simply informative. Probably to showcase that there will be multiple rows, as soon as someone drags and drops the element. In almost all videos when @Joyce or @Quentin are doing a live session, they end up deleting the other two. Similarly if you drag and drop a Table or Datagrid, it comes pre-populated with fake data.

Hi, it’s probably due to the fact that you had 3 elements before binding the items.
We always keep these elements in case you unbind, even if we only use the first one.
I agree this can be missleading, and that we should probably fix the display.