Where is Field value when the field is into a table with collection

Hi all,

What i want to do : I want to display a collection and update some fields for this collection. To do that I use Table element, it works fine, and add Input text and autocomplete field.
See my frontend :

My issue is : I need to load input field/autocomplete field value to a variable, but i didn’t see the input field value in browser tool

Exemple :
I have a Select called SelectEtatOrigine

Normally I have into a Section all fields values but not for all fields included to the table
Why ? :grimacing:


When you use inputs in a collection list or in repeated columns to access the input value you need to keep track of it yourself. Every time the input value is changed you update anexternal variable, this way you can access the data in other workflows using this variable.

You can see some example here and here, it’s the same principle.

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For information, this limitation is due to the fact that when an input is inside a repeat, we don’t know how to store/name the variable, as you need one for each row.
We know that this can be frustrating, but the workaround is working, and we will probably try to implement something similar in the futur automatically.


@Emilie in the case of a the datagrid, you should rely on the event data to access all the information on the input :slight_smile: (no need for the workaround)

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I will try this way many thanks all for your support.

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