What's the best way to add an affiliate program into Weweb apps?

Bubble has native integrations and well-documented tutorials about how to get affiliates but until that’s created with Weweb, how do we run affiliate programs / referral programs on apps with Weweb? Is there a recommended app? Has anyone done it before or are we just too early in Weweb’s progress?

I would think getting affiliates/referrals it’s quite essential for any app. :slight_smile:

I saw one question about Rewardful but seems like he was running into problems too…? (Rewardful - Help needed to pass Referral ID to Xano)

Yup, I mean theoretically you can with REST API if needed but in this case, using Rewardful was relatively straightforward. Their documentation isn’t the best, but Rewardful with Stripe seems to be the best option as far as weweb goes.

I ended up figuring the problem out by passing the rewardful ID with a different method than the one I showed in that other post.

So to answer your question, Rewardful is the one I’d recommend lol

How did you pass it in the end? Haha