WeWeb Auth Plugin API

I am using weweb auth to manage my user, I was wondering if there were an API that I can talk to in order to automaticaly genrate new user ? I want to be able to register new user on an other app and automaticaly generate a new {mywewebapp} account aswell, is it possible ?

What are you using for the APIs?
If you are able to create your own APIs then yes.
Many people use XANO and with XANO you can create an API to automatically create users if you want it to.

I am building my own API, my question was about one specific plugin (weweb auth plugin) :

I can easily create user on my database, but I can’t find a way to generate them on the weweb app (hence the need of a plugin API)
The objective is to be able to create a client on our ERP and automatically generate a user on our weweb app. I found out we can do it by hand using the user import function :

But we make it simple when you can automate it ? :wink: