WeWeb Auth: check if user exists


I have a question about the WeWeb auth plugin. Is it possible to pre-check if an account with a specific email address already exists?
Before my workflow executes I want to check if this user already exists and otherwise I register an account with a temporary password. Unfortunately I can’t find a way to check this and if I sign up a user with an email address that already exists, I receive an error and the whole workflow is stopped. Is there a way to overcome this and only signup when there is no account yet for this email address?

Thank you!

Hi @marciano_antonacci :wave:

I’m not sure I understand what user experience you’re going for. You’d like to have the signup and login workflow on the same form?

Can you show us what you tried so far?

One solution might be to have a separate workflow that triggers on change of the email input with a pass through condition that ensures it only goes through after the user has finished typing in the email address.


For your information, I’m building a webshop. Users should be able to view their orders so what I’m trying to achieve is that every user that places an order automatically has an account. When placing an order the user has to fill in his email address. So when submitting the order this is the flow I’m trying to achieve:

The red rectangle shows which condition I can’t seem to create using WeWeb Auth. Do you have any suggestions?

Got it!

It’s not currently possible with the WeWeb Auth plugin and probably not something we’re going to add any time soon because we view this plugin as more of a “help you get started” plugin.

For more refined use cases like yours, we recommend using more complete auth systems. For example, Supabase Auth or Xano Auth if you’re using one of those as a data source, or Auth0 if you need to integrate with another database.

That said, I’ll add it to our list of product feedback so the product team can explore the idea. Thanks for sharing your use case with us!