WeWeb and Nylas Scheduler

Hi! I’m curious if anyone has been able to incorporate the Nylas scheduler into their WeWeb project. I recently watched their Youtube video on incorporating their API for emails which looks like it could be a great fit for my project.

My main goal is to find a way to replace calendly and they offer some features that may work (still trying to understand if I can use Stripe with Nylas.)

But I’m definitely a no-code/low-code person and new to this. So would love to talk or find someone that could share their experience or potentially engage in some development with me on this feature.

Thanks so much

Hi @matt.tidwell :wave:

Could you tell us a bit more about your project? Where would you be using Nylas in your app?

Since it has a REST API, I’m pretty confident you could use it in a WeWeb app :slight_smile:

Depending on what you’re trying to do, you may need to configure the API call in your backend and trigger it via a WeWeb workflow.

Here’s an article @Quentin wrote on when to make an API call in the backend vs the frontend.

Did you solve for this? I implemented it and it’s awesome.

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I haven’t yet! Will be working on it more this week. Essentially want to incorporate the scheduling tool. If I can get that integrated into a stripe checkout, even better.

Would love to know your workflow or what you’ve been able to achieve here

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Thanks Joyce! I’m working on it more this week - really appreciate your note and apologies for the delayed response.

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