Variables in SQL Requests

Hey guys!
Congratulations on developing this amazing tool.
I have a question about using SQL Request in a workflow. How do I reference a variable in an SQL Request?

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Hey @GHirsch :wave:

At the moment, you have to consider your SQL query like a string and use a concatenate function to use variables inside a query.

Small example here:

Hope this helps!

PS: we know this user experience is not ideal, so we’ll love to have your feedback on how to improve it :slight_smile:

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Thanks a lot for the help!

When a sql request is selected in actions, one more option appears in the list, along with formula and javascript. Being able to reference the variables.

Hey @GHirsch,

Not sure to understand what you mean here :thinking:

It is a suggestion to include sql without having to use concatenation.

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Nice! I’ve added your suggestion to our user research :slight_smile:

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