Using Folders in URL path

Hello there,
I understand that there is no way at this time to have pages inside a domain tree like, correct? This is a limitation for organizing a web app and having nice SEO-friendly slugs.

On the other side, page folders seem to only be serving back-end organisation purposes, but have limited appeal. Would be great IMHO if page folders could be used in URL paths.

Is there something I am missing?


Yes, folder are only used to organise your page in the Editor. What you want is add multiple path level.

You can configure the path as you wish. Go to the settings of your page, select path, and type what you want. You can create this folder structure this way.

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Still, having the option to use folder tree as path would be useful, don’t you think?

It could, but I don’t think it will bring enough value to our users to make it worth :thinking:

It would be a QOL improvement only and I’m not sure locking your folders (if folder = path you can’t update your folder without breaking existing link for example) will be the primary choice of a lot of users.

The current folder system could receive more update later like the ability to restrict edition with permissions. So it should remain an editor only thing.