Uploading image(s) using file uploader

HI, I am using the file uploader to allow users to upload images. There are few scenarios which is throwing me off:

  1. Currently the uploader shows the file name. Can I show a thumbnail instead?
  2. If the user wants to change the image, how is it possible?
  3. Further, I am using a multi-step kind of form and asking user to upload an image. If a user comes back to a step, i can display back all the prior values which were input by the user. How can I show the image which was uploaded in the prior step?
  4. How can I upload multiple images? I see a mention that the uploader has a toggle. But there is no real change in functionality at all. I could not figure out how to upload multiple images even after changing the toggle. Can anyone help?

Just for reference for others looking for this info. Mael from support team was very helpful in resolving #4. It was not readily apparent in docs, but if you toggle for multiple inputs, you simply need to select multiple files when the finder window opens up. And you get back an array.

For everybody (we already talk with hsatl in private). For other questions, you can use our accordion in the UI Kit. You need to set up it with variable array to store your file, create workflow and bind this array :slight_smile:

If you store your file upload in an array, your data will be keep if your user come back to a step

However, it’s not possible to change only one image with a multiple upload