Update Editor Issues

Congrats on the update! Looking forward to trying the features. I have some issues in the editor now:

  1. Missing buttons

  2. Mapbox missing api fields

Maybe the changes are still kicking in…

I have the same issue with the dark theme

@weweb-team @Joyce @Mael Is this a known issue? Thanks


For the icons, it’s a known issue. A hard refresh of your navigator should solve it: How to hard refresh your browser Chrome, Firefox, Safari

For Mapbox, I’m not sure. It’s working on my side in light and dark mode. Can you access it now?

Great, buttons are back!

I tried mapbox on paid and free accounts and no luck. Error says I need to be an admin. My account is the only user on the “members” tab, and it is set to “owner” for both.

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I saw the Mapbox update and was excited though seem to have run into the same issue where I can’t use it due to not being an admin.

Just clean your cash.

Hello, for the Mapbox issue “you need to be admin” it’s fixed, sorry about that