Unusual Pop up during page reload

Hi everyone!

Has anyone experienced this type of popup? I get this every time I load the Home page. I created some trigger workflow that runs on page load but I created some conditional where it will only run if it meets a certain requirement.

I’m at a loss here, I hope someone might have some insights regarding this one. Thanks in advance!

How did you create the conditions?
Did you use the if nocode formula or a condition to block the workflow before the action?

If you share some screenshot of the workflow it is easier to debug.

Sure, here it is. So ideally if the app loads with a token coming from any authservice then it will proceed with login/signup function. If no value then it should not perform the workflow below.

did you add any alert in a javascript action in your workflows?

also double check the logic of your condition: what are all the possible values of token?
token != "" returns true if token is null or undefined