Toast Component missing?

Hi there,

just started to use WeWeb together with my Xano backend and so far it works really amazingly! Thanks for that.

I was wondering if there was a change in the Editor and now the Toast Component moved somewhere? Couldnt find it. Based on the tutorial the Toast component should be available under the “+” Tab, but I can only see the modal, which is not exactly what I need.

Any ideas?

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@Soenke I’m guessing that WeWeb got rid of that because the modal and the toast are basically the same thing, just styled differently.

You can quickly style that modal, size it, and position it in the styling tab, and viola, now you have a toast.

Are there other features of the a that you want?

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Hey @kevinwasie thanks for your fast reply!

I was thinking the same and already styled a modal so that it looks like a toast. The only thing I am missing is the ability to automatically disappear after a delay. I achieved this with a delay in the workflow but don’t think that this a good way to do a toast delay, as following actions in the workflow are also delayed until the toast disappears. Toasts should work asynchronously, fire and forget :smiley:

I was hoping for a toast component with a native “hide after n secs” property. Or is that something I can achieve with a modal too?

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I put the toast at the end of the workflow and do the same thing with a delay. The other toast that was in there also was the same way. It did not handle closing the toast without a delay.

It would be awesome if there were a WeWeb component for toasts like that.

Take a look here for a little bit more information.

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That’s really helpful and looks like a good approach for a toast stack.

Yes, sorry, we just changed the “Add” menu. Need to update the tutorials accordingly!