TLDR Generator built in WeWeb

Hey everyone! Thanks to the massive amount of support we’ve gotten from the WeWeb community, I am excited to share our no-code TLDR generator. Essentially this app extracts raw text from any article or blog, sends it to open AI, and generates a quick summary (TLDR) of the article. Also, we grab the primary image and a tweet button so that users can share it with their audience.

Check it out and let me know what you think:


This is really cool!

Thanks a lot for sharing :grinning:

Would you be open to co-hosting a webinar with us to explain how you built it, the challenges you ran into, what you found easier than expected, etc.?

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Thanks Joyce! Yes, let’s do it, I’ll send you a message

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Love apps made with Open AI!

It reminds me of Summari Chrome Extension that I spotted on Product Hunt not long ago.

Well done mate :clap:


This is amazing, congrats!!


thanks, Raphael!

wow, Summari looks amazing, thanks!