Supabase Storage

Hey, guys!
How are you?
I’m trying to integrate Supabase into my project.
I was able to do this with the tables, but not with File Storage.
Does anyone have any experience or idea if this is possible? If yes, how can I integrate?
A great week for all!

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Hi @GHirsch :wave:

Are you trying to send files to Supabase when a user uploads a file to a WeWeb form or are you trying to display files stored in Supabase on your WeWeb frontend?

Hey, @Joyce! :wave:

My idea is to save and recover files directly from supabase.

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Typically, if you use the file upload element in WeWeb, WeWeb will upload the file to its CDN and return a URL in string format.

You can see us using the file upload element with Xano here if you’d like :slight_smile:

However, you might be able to send the file directly to Supabase using a bit of Javascript like we did here with Xano.

Does that help?

Hi @Joyce!

This link seems to be useful. I’m going to do a test here and let you know if everything went well :wink:

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