Style Autocomplete Element

Does anyone know if:

  1. I can style the dropdown menu that comes with the Autocomplete element?
  2. Make the dropdown menu appear visible without needing to click the element?

Hi @kyanaloe,

This element is not customizable, I advise you to use the element “search with result”, you bind the result to your list. You could personalize what you want :slight_smile:

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hi @Mael ,
Do you plan to make some evolution regarding the Autocomplete element ? And do you know if we can use CSS to customize it ?

Hi Emilie, what are you thinking about when you said evolution? Do you have any idea?

I never customize it with CSS, I don’t know sorry


I was thinking of adding somes styles like :

  • text color
  • text background color
  • background color

just for to be sure, but the color setting doesn’t work today ?


With the autocomplete element, it will not be possible to modify this kind of parameters. You will need to create your own autocomplete

It seems we have an issue with the color setting, thanks for the report

The bug is corrected for the color :slight_smile:

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