Stripe Errors - cannot get plugin to work

Hey there – new to WeWeb but cannot figure out how to integrate stripe. I figured it would be as easy as adding the plugin, the 4 keys and adding a component onto the page.

Ive tried to do this but I just keep getting this error “Invalid Stripe configuration”

The WeWeb team hasn’t helped me and claim it works fine on their end, but I unfortunately am experiencing errors and am hitting a dead end.

Has anyone else run into this?

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@Joyce would you be able to please help me? :pray:

I’m running into the same symptom. Followed docs - was able to successfully create payment intent and bind to the element’s setting, but still see “Invalid Stripe configuration”

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Hi @amandalllls, sorry we weren’t able to help sooner on this. Could you record a short video walking me through the setup on your end so I can have a look?

I’m currently face on the same issue, and Chat support shows no response over a week.
How can I fix this problem?

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Hello, we know the issue, we are working on it, sorry about that

It’s fixed, could you try and tell us if it’s working :slight_smile:

It works fine! Thanks for your support.
Integrate to stripe is very easy with this plugin!

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Hi, I have the same issue too! Sent a support request

Update: The support helped me to find the issue! I was selecting the object ID to update the variable instead of the client_secret (see screenshot below). When you do this, the system doesn’t show you an error message and you might not see the issue because both ID and client_secret have the string of characters at the start (pi_xxx).

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Thanks for taking the time to share the solution @Laurendv, we really appreciate it :slight_smile:

FYI, I’ve updated the user doc to make it clearer that it’s the client_secret value inside the result that needs to be selected. Hope it helps other users!

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I am currently running into this very issue with “Invalid Stripe configuration”. I followed the docs, had no issues setting it up until I had to bind payment_intent_client_secret to the “Stripe - Payment” component. The variable payment_intent_client_secret is updated with Action.result[‘client_secret’] per the docs and this thread.

Any suggestions?

Would you mind recording a short video walking us through your setup or sharing a few screenshots of how things are setup on your side so we can take a look?

@Joyce Well I was about to record a video, but upon opening the editor today the payment form is now showing. If something changes I will record and send it over.

Thank you for responding though.