Speech to Text in Weweb

I would like to setup a way for users of my app to press a button to use voice input. Then I would like to have that voice input converted into text.

What would be the best way to setup voice to text in weweb?

You’d want to use a third-party service to handle the dictation, and you would to route the request to that service through a back-end so as not to tackle it with the server.

Here’s a doc from assemblyAI on how to connect these bits. They use some code, but it tells the story of how it fits together that you could adapt to the weweb context: How To Convert Voice To Text Using JavaScript

Connecting with these kinds of advanced systems is often where the rubber meets the road in making your app special - and often where things get difficult because its no longer as off-the-shelf! That’s a lot of what we do at the State Change office hours and forums where we focus on the toughest 5% of challenges.

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