Responsiveness on iPhone

Hey guys!

I am struggling a bit on the responsiveness for iPhone.
Because they have the virtual “homebutton” - which hides sometimes and is visible on others -, attributes like 100vh seem to not work properly.

In theory, a div with 100vh should take up the whole visible screen and not more. But it slips beneath the homebutton and I have to set the height to around 90vh to get the whole content. But this is not exact and rather a workaround.

How do you deal with that?

Best regards

Unfortunately this is a well-known issue even outside WeWeb, the solutions seems to be using dvh instead of vh.

For now you can only use it in custom code, but we should probably add it natively to the style panel

Hey Luka,

even though a native solution would be great, this helped more than you thought.
Thank you!