Reset upload element


Is there a way to reset the upload element after a file has been uploaded?

Specifically, I’d like to reset the text on it that has the file name.

I’ve tried all of the javascript ways that I know how and I’ve tried binding the text to a variable. None of that works.

The text must be being controlled by something else in the element.


Mmm great question! Just asked our CPO :slight_smile:

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Ha! That specific component variable was not made visible in the Navigator for some reason.

The fix should be pushed to production later today :slight_smile:

So you’ll be able to reset the variable in the workflow as you would any other:

By the way, if you need to reset multiple variables at the end of a workflow, you can use this “Add item” functionality:

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It would be nice if the “Change Variable Value” action had the same set up to allow multiple variables to be changed in the same action. Just like that above in Reset variables.


Great feedback! Just added it to our user research :slight_smile: