Radio Button Options Orientation?

How do I horizontally align radio button options?
I only have three options and there is more room horizontally on the form.
There does not seem to be a property to change this in the control.
I suspect that some CSS would be needed.

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adding custom css can do the trick but you can also create your own radio button layout:

  • create a variable to store the selected option, let’s call it radio-value
  • add a column element, set the layout you prefer and bind the items with an array containing the radio options (someting like [{label: 'option 1', value: 'opt1'},{label: 'option 2', value: 'opt2'}])
  • in the column add a signle radio element
  • set the initial value of the radio to a formula
  • add a workflow on the change event for the radio


This way you have full control over the layout

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Great thanks