Pre set custom colors

When I create custom colors in my design system with names like “Red”,“Yellow”, “Green” etc, it appears that there are already colors set somewhere with these names.

Where are they set at?

There is nothing in the design system, so maybe they are being set somewhere globally?

I’d like to set my own custom colors with those names.

Hi @kevinwasie,

Where are you using these colors?

Normally you can use any name you want. Do they appear twice in your design system?

For know colors design system is not (easily) accessible through formula, so maybe you are just using the basic css name color instead of your design system?

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Ah, yes, that explains it. They must be set as default CSS values and I am not accessing the design system when using just “Red” in a formula like so "if(status=error, “Red”, “Green”)

I thought I’d be able to access them that way.

Sadly this is not possible yet, but we plan to add all design system tokens (like colors) inside the no code explorer :slight_smile:

In the meantime, what people have used as a workaround is to declare a variable with their colors and use them inside the binding. Hope it can work for you :slight_smile:

That makes sense; thanks for the suggestion. I will do that.

@kevinwasie design system colors are now available inside the formula explorer :slight_smile: