Password protect a page

Is it possible to have a generic password to protect a page or pages of WeWeb?

This would be similar to Webflow’s password protect feature.

I have a client project I want to spin up that doesn’t need full authentication, but would benefit from password protected content.


Hi @caffeinatedwes :wave:

We don’t have that feature, no.

Just added your use case to our user research file.

Have a great weekend!

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It’s unfortunate that this does not exist.

I think Weweb can do better in this regard.

The problem I see is that I have to create a full authentication just for me to gate the whole website.
At the same time features like page loaded javascript is not working in the editor and i need to publish the website for testing.

This is problematic in itself. I am building a tiny webapp with like 2 pages and I do not need users at all, so I do not want go through the stress of creating authentication just to test.

A server sided password protection should definitely be implemented asap.

You can do this with a workflow. It’s not 100%, but it’s doable

Care to elaborate? Would love to find a solution for this.