OpenStreetMap-Leaflet element/integration?

I am building a map-based web app and in no way is google maps or mapbox price effective. I know mapbox gives 50,000 map loads per month, but to do the math, a few hundred users logging into my web app everyday for a month will shatter that limit quickly. My only option is open source alternative like openstreetmap/leaflet.

Which brings us to my question, I found an element on github weweb assets called “ww-openstreetmap-leaflet”. Is this a custom coded ready component for leaflet that I can import to my project and further customize? Thanks!

So far I have been building the entire app without any custom code so this will be my first and most important one for the app’s functionality. I have been using mapbox to prototype with as a placeholder for the map.

Any future plans on making leaflet map a standard element/plugin in weweb just like google maps and mapbox? I believe this would be extremely helpful to any map centric web app.

Thank you so much for the question and welcome to the WeWeb community!
Great question, let me check with the team and get back to you as soon as possible.

Thanks Doc! Keep me posted, I appreciate it.

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Hey @mahdi! :wave: Indeed we’ve started developing a Leaflet component, but there’s still a bit of work to do before it really suits us. Unfortunately, I can’t give you an exact date when it will be available.

However, the version of the component available on Github already covers quite a few cases as it stands. If you really can’t wait, I invite you to fork the repo if you’d like to try importing it into your project, perhaps it’ll satisfy you completely despite its early stage! :slightly_smiling_face:

I’d like to point out that we don’t guarantee any code updates or fixes in this kind of situation. If it still doesn’t work the way you want, you’ll have to wait for the final version


Hey Kevin, thanks for the reply! Sounds great, all I need for now is the ability to display markers, and ability to have an on-click event trigger to the markers, that event will trigger workflows I built using existing no-code weweb elements, so nothing too fancy or complicated for now. I might be able to get away with it and make it work if you say it covers a few cases. I will give it a try, Thanks!

Great to read about a future leaflet component! Any update?
I am ready to jump to weweb as soon as it is ready :wink:
Another great opensource library is maplibre. It was forked when mapbox left the opensource spirit. It is much more powerfull than leaflet (as mapbox is) especially for vector tile layers, 3D, etc.
Having these two libraries in weweb would definitely attract many fellow GIS/cartographers with low coding skills and opensource enthusiasts! (at least me ! ;))