No data is displayed in the accordion

This is the FAQ block. In the container I placed an accordion element. I have bound a table in Supabase to the container. The table has two columns Question and Answer. Then I attached the required column to the corresponding text. This was a week ago and everything was working. Yesterday I noticed that nothing was displayed. I started to refresh the collection and got an error., but all columns in the table are in place I created a new table in Supabase and repeated all steps, but no data

Where can I find a solution?

Did you set up any RLS policy in Supabase since the last time you used it?

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Quentin, thank you.
The cause was there, but not completely eliminated. I created a check table and when I disabled RLS everything started to show up, but nothing changed with the initial table.

I noticed that when you select fields, their content is displayed, but after you click Continue, it gives an error.

Could you report a bug on ? We’ll have a look asap