New Date Picker Improvements

The new date picker has a lot of new options for customization which is nice. I have 2 suggestions:

  1. Something I want to do though is to have preset times for the dates selected.

for example, I have my user select a start and end date. I want the start date time to be 12 AM local time to them, and the end date to 11:59 PM local time.

If I use the date picker to only select date, then it only gives a date, and I’m unable to select locale. so when I store it, it always reverts to GMT.

Adding the time picker are extra steps that could be offputting to my users.

I can’t think of a workaround.

  1. An ability for users to remove a date selection. I have it so that not entering a date is allowed. But if they enter a date, they cannot remove it without refreshing the entire page.
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  1. We took the decision to remove the time when you use the date mode so you can set it by yourself if required, you can use the functions available in the date plugin to do it. We will release a new version of this plugin probably next week so you will have even more function to manage your date, including timezone function so you can set the hours in the timezone you want before sending it to your database.

  2. The new datepicker is built in a way you can implement the extra feature you want, like adding a clear button at the end of the input with a onClick workflow using the reset variable or change variable action to set the value to null for example :slight_smile:

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Thank you on #1!!

#2 does have a workaround you’re right.

Is there an update on the new date plugin? I don’t see any new functions.

Hi, sorry the feature was blocked in our process for longer than expected. It was released right now!

Thanks alexis this is helpful!