Need to stop user going back to previous page

I am making a multi page form for my users and I want to stop users to go back to previous form pages after filling them.
I there any way of doing this?
also is there any way of displaying multi page form on single page without making multiple pages



Re your first question, may I ask what you would like the behavior to be? An error message when they try to go back for example? As a user, I find that very annoying when that happens so would love to understand your use case better :slight_smile:

Re the possibility to display a muti page form on a single page without making multiple pages, we don’t have such an element off the shelf at the moment in WeWeb at the moment but you could play around with a formStep variable and conditional display to display only the current step part of the form.

That could actually also solve your first question if you didn’t put a “previous” button in part 2 for example.

Not sure it would work great though, would need to test it! :grinning:

behavior can be : on pressing browser back button nothing happens, because it is multilevel data forms, user fills each form till last one.

user can go back using browser back button, I want to disable that

yes I will try that :+1: