Multiple social login with Xano

I tested authorization with Xano. ID&password and Google OAuth , Twitter OAuth are fine.

Now I have a question:
How do I recognize that user logged in or not for those multiple auth resource in WeWeb?
I assume to set variable “isAuthenticated”(save in local storage), and when user is logged in using one of those auth, change “isAuthenticated” to true.
Is it correct or not?

Any suggestion are welcome.

No need to create a custom variable. If using Supabase there is a provider info under the Authentication variables, under the 'app_metadata", I think Xano would be the same. The value will show Email or the provider such as Google or Twitter. Here’s how to find it.

I can’t see “app_metadata” under the Authentication variables, only below:

Anything is wrong?

May I see whats under the user object?

Thanks, That’s all.

Sorry I’m not sure I understand your question correctly. Do you want to check wether the user is authenticated? Then simple use the isAuthenticated variable

I’m so sorry, Below is the current behavior.

1)I can check whether the user is authenticated using Xano Auth plugin.(above screenshots).
Xano Auth plugin(WeWeb) only provide ID/PW login feature, not include OAuth.

2)When I add Google OAuth, I can check user’s authenticated status through API. I save this status to custom variable using workflow.(In Xano, Google/Twutter OAuth plugin is provided, But the status is not displayed to WeWeb automatically)

3)When I add Twitter OAuth, same to No.2.

Now I want to check user’s authenticated status who use one of above. How can I do it best?
This is the question.