Missing font-style property

Hey Team,

We are missing one of the basic CSS property in the text panel.
font-style: italic

It would be really useful.
Flo told me it’s in your (long) ToDo list, but I made this article to keep track of this :slight_smile:

Have a nice day.



Ah pardon, j’ai oublié de préciser que dans l’idéal on pourrait bind cette propriété !
Je viens de me rendre compte que c’est pas évident.


text color on peut le bind mais font-weighton ne peut pas (dommage).

You can type the italic font style in the css at the bottom of the panel.


Thanks. That’s already something, but I would like to bind it to some values in the future.
If value mandatory → text-style: italic for example.

This is a big missing item. Any ideas when this will be added?

This has been reported to the product team, we will let you know when it will be added :slight_smile: