Maxlength setting for Rich Text Area?

Is there a way to set the maxlength for input in the rich text area? I know with other inputs you can use an html attribute, but the rich text didn’t respond to it. I looked up restricting it via javascript:

var editor = new RichTextEditor("#rich-text-area", { maxHTMLLength: 200 });

But wasn’t sure if it applied to the Weweb rich text editor. I want to be able to restrict the max character length of a post/entry, as well as a minimum. Thanks in advance for any assistance.

Hi, its not possible at the moment but I will add it to the roadmap so you will have a property to configure the max length.

It could be possible with a workflow on change, by checking the length and keeping only the 200 first characters but you will have to count every tag included in the html version of the text. Not super easy to do.

Thanks for your feedback.

Okay, thanks for the clarity and response. I’ll keep a lookout for the future.